Using blockchain to your advantage_

Bosch hired Nerd as a Service to help with one of their customers. They had to implement an blockchain innovation for trading sustainable energy certificates.

During this project we worked with 4 professionals from Bosch to guide the internal and external ideation process. We also helped with the technical design and we operated the innovation together with Kryha.

It was a fast moving project which required technical skills and flexibilty. Working together with a team and other suppliers, so a lot of different roles as a leader, a developer and a teammember. Our Nerds really showed technical leadership and what it means to be a solution partner.

From paper to Blockchain_

Blockchain played a huge part in this project. Blockchain is a relatively new area for a lot of organizations. So there was knowledge within Bosch about blockchain, but they didn’t have the technical resources to really use blockchain to their advantage. That is why we really focused on the integration of blockchain in collaboration with Kryha. What we achieved was something we call: “from paper to blockchain”. The whole process from creating a certificate all the way to the customer handing in the certificate, went from being a paper process to a blockchain process.

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